What should my child bring to camp?

Your child should bring a bathing suit (see dress code), towel, spray sun-block, refillable water bottle, and bagged lunch (lunch can also be purchased). Put your child's name on everything so that items can be returned if they are lost or misplaced. Feel free to send extra snacks and drinks for your child. If your child will be purchasing lunch, money can be put on their lunch account online or via a check to the camp office. We are recommending that campers do not bring money with them to limit the possibility of money being misplaced.

What shouldn't my child bring to camp?

All items not allowed in your child's school such as lighters, knives, guns, tobacco items, etc. Due to the creative and fun activities of camp, we ask that campers do not bring cell phones, iPod’s, Game Boys, etc. to camp. If campers are seen with these items, counselors will collect them and have them brought to the camp office. Campers can then pick up the item at the end of the day. If your child comes with a cell phone, we will ask that it be turned off and not used. We ask that parents call the camp office if they need to contact their child. The camp cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost items.

What should my child wear to camp?

Campers should wear casual clothes based on that day's weather, such as jeans or shorts, t-shirts (camp shirt when available or leaving property), and sneakers. Any shoe or sandal with a strap is acceptable, but please do not send your child to camp in flip flops. Most of our activities take place outside and sometimes we plan events in which campers will get especially messy, so they should wear clothes that can get dirty.

What is the dress code?

Campers should wear casual clothes based on that day's weather, such as jeans or shorts, t-shirts (camp shirt when available or leaving property), and sneakers. Label items with your child's full name. Camper's clothing must be modest. Please do not send your child in short shorts or skirts, overly revealing shirts (e.g. spaghetti strap, mesh), inappropriate slogans (e.g. references to alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, obscenity), or anything that will encourage inappropriate attention. Shirts must completely cover the stomach and chest. No undergarments should be visible at any time. Shoes must have a closed heel; bare feet and flip-flops are not acceptable. If a child arrives to camp inappropriately dressed, the parents will be called and asked to bring appropriate clothing for the child. Boy and girl's bathing suits should not be overly revealing (e.g. Speedos or bikinis). Girls should wear one-piece bathing suits or tankinis.

Do I need to pack a lunch for my child?

Campers can either bring a lunch or purchase one. If necessary, campers who bring their lunch should use ice packs, as their lunch will be kept in non-refrigerated areas. No lunch warming/heating equipment is available. Lunch and some drinks can be purchased during lunch times. The camp will supply water during lunch and throughout the day. The camp Snack Shack will be opened after the lunch times. We are very sensitive to individual camper’s allergies but are not a nut-free camp.

What are Lunch and Snack Shack Cards?

Money can be deposited onto the lunch and snack shack card at the time of registration or any time during the summer by adding it on your online account or submitting a check to the camp office. This card will be used like a debit card throughout your child's time at camp. This will help keep the loss of money to a minimum and increase the speed of service. If you submit money for the lunch/Snack Shack card at the time of registration, please indicate this with your payment. Note that any money not used at the end of the summer that is below $10.00 will be placed into the Camper Scholarship Fund to help under privileged children who would like to come to camp.

How much spending money should I send to camp with my child?

Each camper will visit the Snack Shack with his or her counselor daily during the week. Snack, candy, ice cream and drink items can range in price from $0.05-$2.00. Lunch items range in price from $1.00-$4.00. We encourage you to discuss with your child the benefits of healthy eating so they can make good choices regarding what they order each day. We also encourage you to discuss with them how much they should spend per day. Depending on the age of your camper, our staff will limit how much they can purchase from the snack shack. Keepsake items, such as bag packs, journals, wristbands and water bottles are also made available for purchase at the Snack Shack and these items range from $1-$12. We would recommend you plan on starting with a $20 balance on your child’s Snack Shack card each week.

What is the spiritual emphasis?

Our camping program focuses on creating a positive Christian environment in order to help build strong character in the lives of young people. It is a place to have fun, make friends and learn more about God. We will openly promote who God is and share biblical truths from God's Word each and every day at camp through music, prayer and Bible stories. However, we respect each individual camper's right to make their own decision regarding this important spiritual matter. We strive to only hire individuals who will model Jesus-like character in their speech and actions.

How do I communicate with the camp?

You can reach our camp office by calling 973-728-4460, faxing 973-728-7683 or using the contact us form to e-mail the camp office. Office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. During the camp season, office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. - rain or shine. E-mails are checked regularly during office hours.

What is the cancellation policy?

Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing. To receive a refund, session cancellations must be requested twelve days prior to the start of the session, which will result in a refund for the tuition and transportation costs, minus the non-refundable $25.00 deposit per camper, per session. The $25.00 registration fee and clinic fees are non-refundable. Cancellations less than twelve days prior to the start of the session will not be granted a refund. There are no refunds for absences, changes or withdrawals after the start of the registered session. Days missed may not be “made up” and will not result in a credit or refund. No refunds will be made if SRDC should find it advisable not to open or to close camp early for any unseen conditions or emergencies. Refunds are processed at the end of the summer and should be received by the end of September.

My child is not a swimmer or strong swimmer. How will they be supervised during pool time?

The lake is divided up into three areas by ropes and floats. A small shallow wading area (0-3’ deep) is designated for use by only our 4&5’s group. A second area (3’ – 3’6”) is designated for beginner swimmers and non-swimmers with one water slide and basketball net. A third area (3’6” – 5’6”) is for only advanced swimmers that are able to pass our deep-end swimming test and includes two slides, overhead glide and basketball net. Certified Red Cross Lifeguards and camp counselors supervise all areas.

What is your policy on behavior problems?

It is our desire to make camp a positive experience for all the children who come. At times, we have had problems with children who misbehave and disrupt the normal flow of camp or create problems for the other children. This creates a negative atmosphere and, in a sense, "ruins it" for the majority of children who do behave. Parents will be contacted if there is a continuous problem of non-participation in the program, bullying, stealing, telling off-color stories, or using such language, or any other behavior that detracts from the Christian and wholesome environment the camp wishes to provide. Profanity and put-downs are prohibited. The use of alcohol, non-prescription drugs, or tobacco in any form is not permitted by campers or staff. The following behaviors are unacceptable in camp and our policy will be to warn the child, contact the parent, then dismiss the child from camp. If a child is removed from camp, there is no refund. The following is a list of such behaviors which automatically removes children from camp: fighting (hitting) with other children, destruction of property (either at camp or on the transportation vehicles), stealing, swearing, smoking, inappropriate physical contact, and lack of cooperation and/or disrespect to camp staff.

SRDC reserves the right to dismiss, in its sole discretion, any camper whose condition, conduct, influence or behavior is deemed unsatisfactory or detrimental to the best interest of SRDC or other campers or who violates camp rules and regulations, in which case no refunds will be made.

What if my child loses something?

If your child loses something during the day all efforts will be made by the counselor to find and return the item. If the item is unable to be located, campers should check the next day in the lost and found shed which is located under the bleachers near the end of camp dismissal line. At then end of the season, SRDC dispose of or donates all remaining items. SRDC is not responsible for items left behind, lost or stolen. Please label all belongings.

What if my child uses medications?

Prescription and non-prescription medications shall be administered only after the camp office is in receipt of parent/guardian written authorization (form can be downloaded off camp website). At the beginning of the week you should hand in all medications to the camp office for distribution by the camp health director. Note: medications MUST be in original container.

Is there a discount for siblings attending camp together?

Yes, for siblings attending the same sessions. Please see fee schedule for this and other discounts.

What do I do if my child becomes ill before camp?

If a child is ill and must cancel attendance, please let the camp office know as soon as possible.

Where do I drop off my camper each morning?

Each morning all campers will meet on the large outdoor sports field. Please drop them off near the field so they can have a seat on the bleachers until they are dismissed to their camp groups. If it is raining, all groups will meet in the gym.

If your child is in Extended Care, they will meet in the Upper Game Room, which is located up the stairs inside the right gym entrance. All campers must be accompanied and signed-in to Extended Care.

What do I do in order to pick up my child early?

Although we understand that absences will happen, we ask that you help us to make your child's camp experience great by limiting absences during the week. Please plan doctors visits and other appointments for times when your child is not attending camp. If you must pick up your camper early please contact us at least 4 hours prior by calling 973-728-4460 to make arrangements.

If your child is leaving early from camp, please call or send a note to notify the camp office. All campers must be signed out at the camp office. You must provide your child's password when signing out. This is for their protection. If you arrive without adequate notice to pick up a child early, please expect to wait up to 20 minutes as our campus is large and your camper's schedule of activities may have them playing quite a distance from the building.

If transporting your child to and from camp, we ask that you do not drop them off before 8:50 AM and that you pick them up promptly by 4:00 PM, otherwise they will be put into the Extended Care program and a fee may be charged. Children leaving early must be signed out before 3:30 PM.

If you are picking up your child at 4:00 PM (end of camp day) you MUST come to the bleachers (rainy days in the gym) and provide passwords for all children you are picking up. Camp staff will be there to help release children. All children will be waiting on the bleachers (or in the gym on rainy days).

What do I do if my child has allergies or special needs?

If your child has allergies, please document all allergies and special instructions on their medical form. If they have severe allergies, please call the camp office for further information. Parents should feel free to send extra snacks and drinks for their children. We are sensitive to individual camper’s allergies but are not a nut-free camp.

Although SRDC desires to accommodate all children, we, unfortunately, are not able to accommodate children with special needs who are unable to function within our camp structure. Please call with any questions: 973-728-4460.

What time does camp begin/end?

Morning drop-off at the field begins at 8:50 AM with camp starting at 9:00 AM. Pickup from the field begins each day at 4:00 PM. During raining days, drop-off and pick-up is in the gym.

Extended Care is available from 7:00AM to 9:00AM and 4:00PM to 6:00PM. Additional fees apply.

Are early and late childcare hours offered (Extended Care)?

Yes. The extended care program extends the hours of camp both in the morning (7:00AM – 9:00AM) and afternoon (4:00PM – 6:00PM). There is an additional fee for this service.

  • At the time of registration, you may select whether your child will be attending the morning Extended Care session and/or the afternoon Extended Care session. Each session is a flat rate of $20 per week, regardless of how many hours you use Extended Care during that week.
  • You must register and pay for Extended Care prior to your child attending camp in order to receive this flat rate.
  • If you did not register for the flat rate for Extended Care, you will be billed at an hourly rate of $7.00, per camper. This charge applies to any part of the hour.
  • If you are running late and your child is placed in Extended Care, or if you use Extended Care infrequently, this hourly rate is available so that you do not need to pay for an entire session for just one or two hours of Extended Care usage.
  • The fee for children who are not picked up by 6:00PM is $7.00 for every 15 minutes after 6:00PM, per child.
  • If you think you might be late, please call the camp office.
  • Parents who are using Extended Care must sign their child in and out of Extended Care, which includes the date, time and your child's pick-up password. Do not just drop off your child and leave!
  • Extended Care meets in the Upper Game Room, which is located up the stairs inside the right gym entrance.

Can I tour your facilities?

Yes. We will be having three pre-season camp open houses in 2018, Saturday, March 3rd, March 24th and April 28th from 10:00AM to 1:00PM. Please call the camp office for any other arrangements.

What do I do if my child is on a waiting list?

If you have a child on the waiting list, we will contact you by phone if a space should become available for him or her to attend. If we contact you please be prepared to pay for the camp week immediately by stopping by the camp office.

How do you hire your staff members?

We have a very thorough screening process at Solid Rock to ensure we are hiring the best possible summer staff to care for our campers. We only hire college-age students to lead camp groups who have been evaluated based on an extensive written application, personal interview, feedback from three references, and a national background check.

Do you have a nurse on site?

We have a health director who is trained in First Aid and CPR. Additionally, many of our counselors are Lifeguards who are certified in First Aid and CPR.

If there is an emergency and a camper must be hospitalized, the West Milford ambulance squad will generally bring the camper to Chilton Hospital. A representative from the camp will accompany the camper and based on the campers registration form, emergency contacts will be notified immediately.

If your child becomes sick while at camp we will notify you immediately. Children vomiting or having a fever will need to be picked up immediately from camp. Those having a headache or who are tired will be asked to lay down for a period of time and the emergency contact called. Anyone diagnosed with lice will not be allowed to attend camp until cleared ("nit" free) by a doctor and camp health director. This will ensure that your camper is not embarrassed at camp and keep others lice-free.

What if I have a question or comment?

We welcome your creative suggestions and ideas. If you have any questions or suggestions on anything we can do to make camp a better experience or more enjoyable for you and your children, please call, send a note, or e-mail the camp office.